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StreetCar Merchants Delivering Fried Chicken & More To La Jolla

Get ready for the "luxe" version of the concept

Several tipsters have spotted clues that StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee is headed to downtown La Jolla, into an over 4,000-square-foot space with outdoor patio on Prospect Street.

The North Park eatery, which launched in 2014, confirmed the expansion and says that it's aiming for a due date of early September or sooner. Calling this the "luxe" version of the original StreetCar, co-owner Ron Suel tell Eater that the significantly bigger La Jolla space will hold 150 seats and feature many more menu options. The core items will transfer over, as well as milkshakes and some treats from their adjoining Milk Bar, but new items will include gluten-free fried chicken, oven roasted chicken, traditional Southern dishes, and salads. The Prospect Street restaurant will also offer table service, as well as introduce a full bar program that will kick in a few months after opening.

StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee

811 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA