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Chef Stefani De Palma Steps Up at Addison

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New chef de cuisine

De Palma

Signature restaurant at the Grand Del Mar, Addison, has a new chef de cuisine. The fine dining destination recently announced that 27-year-old sous chef Stefani De Palma will be assuming the position. De Palma has been with Addison since 2008. She studied at Le Cordon Bleu, externed in Italy, and worked her way through numerous kitchen positions, including pastry chef, chef de partie, chef tournant, pastry sous chef, sous chef, and, now, chef de cuisine.

According to the restaurant, former chef de cuisine Anthony Secviar left to pursue a new opportunity.

Of the new position, De Palma says, “Becoming the chef de cuisine of Addison has been a long-time goal of mine, and something that I set out to accomplish after completing my first year at the restaurant. I started in the kitchen as a pastry cook, and my growth over the past eight years is a testament to the mentorship I’ve received from Chef William Bradley and the team throughout the years. I’m excited for this next challenge as Addison continues to evolve in the years ahead.”

Chef William Bradley still holds the title of executive chef at Addison. He says, “Stefani’s work ethic, devotion and raw talent have been tremendous assets to Addison during these past eight years. With our 10th anniversary on the horizon this fall, I’m glad to have her working alongside me as our new chef de cuisine while we look forward to the future.”