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10 New Deep-Fried Delights to Try at the San Diego County Fair

Plus food and drink events and specially-brewed beer

Chicken Charlie's chicken-and-waffles-on-a-stick
Chicken Charlie's chicken-and-waffles-on-a-stick

The 2016 San Diego County Fair, with its 'Mad About the Fair' inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and steampunk, returns this Friday, June 3 for a month-long stint at the Del Mar Fairgrounds that will feature games, rides, exhibitions, concerts and most importantly, over-the-top fair food. And once again, this is the Year of the Deep Fryer. In case you need to organize your calorie intake, here's a preview of the 10 all-new deep-fried treats you can sample this summer.

  • Deep-fried chicken-and-waffles-on-a-stick from Chicken Charlie's
  • French Toast Bacon Bombs (cream cheese-stuffed dough, wrapped in bacon, deep-fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and served with syrup) from Bacon-A-Fair
  • Deep-fried nachos from Texas Tater Twisters
  • Deep-fried shrimp-and-rice-on-a-stick from Chicken Charlie's
  • Deep-fried California-style Chicago Dog (Chicago dog with fries wrapped in a tortilla and deep-fried) from Chicago Style All Beef Hot Dogs
  • Kool-Aid® glazed hot wings from Chicken Charlie's
  • Deep-fried pizza slices from Linda's Pizza
  • Deep-fried cookie butter from Mexican Funnel Cake
  • Deep-fried cinnamon apple rings from Chuckwagon
  • Deep-fried lemonade from Pacific Coast

To cleanse your palate, check out this year's special drink-centric events, including a weekly Sunday tea service with optional bottomless champagne cocktails, the Distilled: Spirits & Cocktail Festival and the San Diego International Beer Festival, which is featuring a special beer, Steampunk Ale, brewed just for the occasion by North County's Abnormal Beer Co. that will be served at 17 Hands Restaurant & Cantina and in the Ballast Point bar in front of Exhibit Hall for the duration of the fair.