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Custom-Made Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Hits Clairemont Mesa

Creamistry whips up something sweet


Among Kearny Mesa's culinary delights are its frozen treat shops that sell everything from shaved ice to frozen yogurt and boba smoothies. And mmm-yoso spotted a sweet new entry, Creamistry, which is setting up shop in the same Clairemont Mesa Boulevard strip mall as the new Yakitori Hino.

Specializing in liquid nitrogen ice creamCreamistry has a location in Temecula, several in the LA-area and many more in the works for Southern California. The company told Eater that the Kearny Mesa shop will open next month, but there are no other stores currently planned for San Diego.

The concept starts with your choice of ice cream base, from the signature Creamistry blend to an 100% organic, GMO-free variation and a coconut version that's vegan and dairy-free; a variety of flavorings, from sea salt caramel to matcha green tea, black cherry, tiramisu and cheesecake, are mixed with the base and rapidly frozen using liquid nitrogen. There are also sorbets, including green apple and mango, plus optional toppings that range from candy and cookies to fruit, nuts and sauces. The ice cream can be served with a side of crispy waffle or brownie, in a bowl made of chocolate or blended into a milkshake.


7420 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #108, San Diego, CA 92111, USA