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Burnside's Off-Menu Michelada Is a Mammoth Meal in a Glass

Welcome to Fun Food Friday - send in your nominations for new novelty food and drink

A michelada like no other has garnered recent attention for its over-the-top construction and composition. This meal in a glass is a new off-menu item at Burnside, which launched a new food and beer program last month in conjunction with an expanded bar and seating area.

With a tip of the hat to Jay Z, the drink is dubbed '99 Problems but a Mich Ain't One’ and is built with "The Champagne of Beers" Miller High Life, lime juice and Burnside's house michelada mix. Perched precariously on skewers are an ambitious amount of garnishes, including four barbecue shrimp, three sticky pig candy sticks (glazed bacon strips) and two meat-filled sliders of your choice (beef, pulled pork, tri tip, turkey). All this ridiculousness is $23.


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