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Preview THE LOT Luxury Cinema Before It Debuts in Liberty Station

Watch movies in style

Its official premiere isn't until Thursday, May 5 but we have a sneak peek at THE LOT new luxury movie theater and restaurant in Liberty Station, the latest addition to the Point Loma complex's growing food and drink landscape.

The second location of Backlot Hospitality's high-end multiplex is fronted by a 5,000-square-foot indoor/outdoor space with 140 seats that spans a patio and a large glass structure that houses a lounge and bar, coffee island and cafe and a sit-down dining area. Executive chef Matt Sramek and chef Alejandra Pitashny will run the restaurant and cafe, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, as they do at the La Jolla outpost. Some now-signature items have carried over but Liberty Station's menu, which mixes Mediterranean, Italian, French and Mexican cuisines, will feature fresh dishes too, including BLT sliders with braised pork belly, watercress and truffle aioli, a new in-theater offering.

Liberty Station's 1930s era, 26,000-square-foot Luce Auditorium has now been split into six screening rooms, fronted by a concessions area. Ranging in size from small to medium and large, for showing first-run blockbusters, each auditorium is filled with cushy leather seats with seat-side food and drink service.