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Innovative Pizza Concept From Italy Preps For Pacific Beach

Say buongiorno to Ambrogio 15

A trio of young Italian entrepreneurs is bringing a concept nearly a year in the making to Pacific Beach, where it will open in the spot where Table 926 shuttered last fall.

Andrea Burrone, Giacomo Pizzigoni and Luca Salvi, who all hail from Milan, will launch Ambrogio 15 in the space this summer. Named for a famous medieval church in their hometown, the restaurant will combine contemporary Milanese design with an innovative take on pizza that references the traditional but takes it in a direction that will be entirely new for the San Diego scene.

ambrogio 15

Promising paper thin, crunchy crusts that the partners say will be easier to digest that typical doughs, the pizzas are blend of styles found in Venice and Naples and will be available with crusts made with double zero Italian flour or whole wheat flour; the 15-inch pizzas will cook up in a gas and wood oven in a speedy minute and a half.

Additionally, the menu hinges on the restaurant's recipe for light and airy focaccia, made into a meal with toppings of seafood and meat — from rock shrimp to prosciutto and carpaccio; a thinner, crunchy version of focaccia will also be available stuffed with various fillings. And there will be cheese and meat boards, with artisan products sourced from the Slow Food Presidia, plus some salads and homemade desserts. Ambrogio's beers will be local San Diego brews, but the restaurant is working with a consortium of six Italian regions to features a list of all biodynamic wines from small producers.

Ambrogio 15

926 Turquoise St, San Diego, CA 92109, USA