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Rolled Up's Huge Fusion Sushi Rolls Hit Hillcrest

Giant burrito-sized sushi rolls are here

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Asian-inspired food trends, from ramen to poke, are all the rage these days. Another concept on the rise are giant sushi rolls, or sushi burritos, stuffed with everything from fish to far out ingredients in an edible multicultural mashup.

Rolled Up just launched its first shop and is now slinging large scale sushi rolls in Hillcrest. The latest quick-service concept from founder James Markham, who helped to create the fast-casual MOD Pizza, Pieology and Project Pie brands, Rolled Up's made-to-order rolls feature seaweed and rice wrapped around signature fillings — the TBD features Korean short ribs, kimchi salsa, ginger-Thai guacamole and more while The Hamachi includes cucumbers, jalapeños, arugula corn salsa with the yellowtail. Each roll ranges from $9 to $11, or as a half-and-half combo for $12. Though Rolled Up recommend the pre-set filling combinations, diners will be able to customize their rolls; the eatery does promise to be "honest with you if it's gonna taste gross".

Rolled Up Menu

Rolled Up

3884 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92103, USA