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Tacos Perla Adds Burritos & Drops Prices in North Park

The burritos roll out on April 4


As Tacos Perla approaches its second anniversary, the modern Mexican eatery is expanding and subtracting from its menu. Consulting chef Oso Campos of Tijuana's famed Tacos Kokopelli has developed three "TJ-style" burritos, including El Califas, his take of the California burrito stuffed with spit-roasted adobada and beer-battered onion rings subbing in for the standard French fries. The burritos, priced at $4.75, also include a surf and turf variety filled with smoked tuna, chorizo and guacamole and a vegetarian version with roasted vegetables and hummus.

The burritos are rolling out on Monday, April 4, when Tacos Perla will give away a free burrito to the first 50 people who purchase an agua fresca or mango michelada. The restaurant has also adjusted the cost for its "non-traditional" tacos, which range from the Ocho with braised and grilled octopus to the Del Mar with wild-caught Mexican shrimp, lowering the price per taco from $4.75 to $3.95.

Tacos Perla

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