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Seasonal Bistro Royal Stone Rolls Into Bankers Hill

Now open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday


Eater readers and food-savvy friends have been sending us favorable first impressions of the Royal Stone, which opened earlier this month in Bankers Hill. Though not officially connected with the Royal Food Mart, it sits adjacent to the grocery store and deli.

Drawing on their French and Italian heritage, new proprietors John and Jackie Stone have opened a modern European bistro that's serving a menu designed to evolve and change with the season. Executive chef Chace Edrington, who previously cooked at Whisknlade, is heading up the from-scratch kitchen.

Featuring Stumptown coffee and pastries in the morning Monday through Friday and a brunch menu on weekends, the bistro offers all-day espresso bar service, plus beer and wine. The restaurant is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday.

The Royal Stone told Eater that they plan to launch a second restaurant within the year in an unused space on the property — a casual eatery that will serve pizza and Italian street food.

Royal Stone

3401 1st Ave, San Diego, CA 92103