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Here Is The New Restaurant Replacing Croce's Park West

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It'll be open in two months

Croce's Park West
Croce's Park West

In January, as the book closed on the bittersweet final chapter of venerable live music venue and restaurant Croce's Park West, reports indicated that Garo Minassian, the owner of Harry's Bar and American Grill in the UTC area, was taking over the 5th Avenue space. Though there was initial speculation that Harry's, which shuttered last December after nearly 20 years, would relocate, Minassian says he decided that the concept had run its course.

Instead, he will open Parc Bistro & Brasserie, a "comfortable French restaurant" that will serve lunch, dinner and brunch. In the 90s, Minassian ran a French eatery, Bistro Bacco, in the Gaslamp, and tells Eater that he is giving the Croce's space a makeover that will give it the look of an iconic and classic bistro, with a big emphasis on the bar. Parc plans to emerge by the end of May, and Minassian says he does not plan to continue to host live music.

Parc Bistro & Brasserie

2760 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, USA