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Andrew Zimmern's Delicious Destinations Rumored To Include San Diego

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What local foods should be featured?


The tipline is buzzing with rumors that San Diego will be a featured stop on the upcoming season of 'Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations'. We're hearing that a production crew will be in town this month to film an episode on America's Finest City.

'Delicious Destinations' differs from the Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern-hosted 'Bizarre Foods' in that instead of focusing on the wild and exotic eats of a region, it highlights the "not-to-be-missed legendary foods that define a location". Also, Zimmern doesn't travel to the featured cities for the Delicious Destinations shoots.

When Eater reached out to the San Diego Tourism Authority about the show, Director of Public Relations Candice Eley shared, "The San Diego Tourism Authority is incredibly excited to see a growing interest in national food programs wanting to spotlight our city and our restaurants. Shows like this offer a chance for national audiences to discover a different side of San Diego. Millions of viewers will get to see that there is more to San Diego than just a beautiful beach — there is a strong food culture here, and it’s unlike what you’d find any other U.S. destinations, even other U.S. border cities."

So what San Diego food or dishes should be in the spotlight? It's safe to say that fish tacos will probably make the list. And Eater's hoping that our local sea urchins get a starring role. What other iconic foods should they feature? Leave your thoughts in the comments.