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Classic Mexican Cantina Moving Onto 30th Street in South Park

It'll replace Brabant Bar & Cafe.

Many Eater readers have been curious about who is the new proprietor of the former Brabant Bar & Cafe space; the Belgian-inspired eatery closed at the end of 2015 after two years on 30th Street. Opening her first South Park project is Kensington Cafe owner Lauren Passaro, who also runs The Haven Pizzeria on Adams Avenue.

A neighborhood resident for the last decade, Passaro says she noticed the lack of a sit-down, family-friendly Mexican restaurant in the community. So bienvenido por favor Provecho, which is aiming to be open by the end of February.

The space has been brightened and lightened up with a fresh paint job, all new decor and some minor modifications to the interior walls and outdoor patio. Rather than climb aboard the gourmet taco train, the classic Mexican cantina will feature a menu that executive chef Sergio Garcia (iSALUD! by San Diego Taco Company, Tacos Barrios) is calling 'Mexican/Chicano soul food'. While Brabant's focus was beer, Provecho will be highlighting its full bar with a list of creative and classic margaritas.


2310 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104, USA