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Choose Your Own Skewers At This Chinese Street Food Spot

Another hot pot option opens

From kebabs to yakitori, meat on sticks is a fun and tasty way to eat. The latest entry into the category is a new Chinese street food spot that recently opened at 5440 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, where it replaced Zisu Indian Market and restaurant.

With a name that translates loosely to Sister Ma’s Kitchen, the friendly, bare-bones eatery specializes in skewers cooked in a homemade bone broth that’s available at varying spice levels, from mild or medium to hot and extra spicy.

Diners can take their pick from an array of raw ingredients, which run from $.50 to $1.50 per skewer and range from chicken hearts and livers to duck feet, quail eggs, whole shrimp, bean curd and vegetables.

Once you make your choice, the kitchen will bring you a scalding bowl of soup ($3.99/small or $4.99/large) with your cooked skewers inside plus your choice of rice, ramen-style noodles or clear mung bean noodles. Open for lunch and dinner, the still-developing eatery is also offering homemade won ton soup. See Mmm-yoso for more photos and a first taste.

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