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Trust Restaurant Team Taking On New Cocktail Bar Concept

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The well-regarded eatery expands

Courtesy rendering

Recipient of the 2016 Eater Award for ‘Best Neighborhood Trailblazer’, Trust Restaurant is living up to the title by creating another project to help enliven the area. Just a short stroll up Park Boulevard from the acclaimed eatery is the location of the talented team’s second concept, Hundred Proof, a new bar set to open by Spring 2017.

Dropping into the space newly-vacated by S&M Sausage & Meat, Hundred Proof will serve "redefined bar food" plus hand-crafted cocktails, boozy milkshakes, and boilermakers —shots paired with a beer chaser.

Partner Steve Schwob, whose boilermaker of choice — Hibiki "Harmony" whisky + Miller High Life — will be on the menu, shared that he sees Park Boulevard as a unique mid-point of the Uptown neighborhoods that brings a forward-thinking clientele and that Hundred Proof, which will be open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, will be their opportunity to do a bar with food, rather than a restaurant with a bar like Trust.

Executive chef Brad Wise (he likes bourbon/Cynar with an Anchor Steam sidekick) tells Eater that the concept will showcase Trust’s behind the bar talent — bar manager Juan Sanchez and general manager Mark Taylor — who will be leading day-to-day operations at Hundred Proof.

Courtesy rendering

Local firm JEL Design is crafting the bar with raw materials and decorative features that reflect the neighborhood. There will be both indoor and outdoor drinking and dining space, with a range of pub-height, communal, and plush booth seating. The location will have the ability to host cocktail parties for groups as small as 15 and up to 120.

Mike Spilky of Location Matters, who facilitated the sale, said, "I’m happy for Brad and Steve who have achieved so much in a short while with the serious success of Trust Restaurant. I think they are the perfect buyers for this location and will undoubtedly bring something equally extraordinary to the community."

Hundred Proof

4130 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92103, USA