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Welcome to Sweets Week

Eater celebrates sugar, glorious sugar

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It’s here. Welcome to Sweets Week on Eater San Diego.

Layered with our regular coverage of breaking food and drink news will be a tribute to sweet treats, from pastries to candies, desserts, bakeries, and more on this site (as well as others across the Eater network), until Friday. We’ll feature everything from best bets when it comes to the city’s bakeries to San Diego’s top pies, photos of an iconic dessert destination and a guide to restaurants serving the finest sweets in town. It’s a brand new theme week for Eater and we’re excited.

And as always, it’s great to hear from readers, too. Consider this introduction post an open thread to share some of your favorite local desserts and sweet offerings in the comments section.

Prepare your sweet tooth — it all starts right now!