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K Sandwiches Finally On The Road To Rebuilding After Fire

This is cause for celebration


More than a year after a devastating fire completely destroyed K Sandwiches' Linda Vista home, the beloved sandwich and snack shop has emerged to announce that it is thankfully en route to reopening.

A tipster pointed us to a Facebook post that shared the joyous news late last week:

Hi Everyone! Sorry to keep you all waiting. It has been an extremely enduring process but we are happy to let you all know that our plans for rebuilding are currently pending approval. As soon as we receive approval, we will begin construction immediately. We hope to have an update for you again shortly!

The casual eatery, which specialized in Vietnamese banh mi, croissant sandwiches, and other snacks and sweets, operated in the space for nine years before the 2015 disaster.

K Sandwiches

7604 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA 92111, USA