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Head Chef at Rustic Root, Don Chido Parts Ways

Chef Antonio Friscia is leaving the two popular RMD Group restaurants.

Chef Antonio Friscia's short stints leading the kitchens at Don Chido and Rustic Root will end at the end of August.

The loss comes soon after he launched the Gaslamp eateries under the RMD Group umbrella; Don Chido opened last year and Rustic Root debuted next door just recently and quickly became fan favorites around town.

Don Chido cooks up Mexican-influenced fare in a custom made, wood powered Santa Maria grill, while its months-old sister next door mixes classic American dishes with modern twists.

Both parties released statements to Eater regarding the breakup.

"Now that both are successfully open and thriving, RMD Group and Chef Antonio Friscia will be working independently of each other," says Mike Georgopoulos, partner at RMD Group.

"Working to develop and open Don Chido and Rustic Root with RMD Group has been an incredible experience. Now that both are open, I'm looking forward to taking on new ventures," says Friscia.

The RMD Group team is currently in the process of working to bring on a new chef but they anticipate little to no change on the menu side, as yet.

"I leave both kitchens in the incredibly talented hands of the respective back-of-house teams and look forward to watching them continue to grow both restaurants," says Friscia.

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