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What Should Go Into These Prime Waterfront Spots in Point Loma?

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Sushi? Mexican?

With local eateries in hot pursuit of a spot along San Diego's coveted waterfront, including the big-name competition for the Anthony's Fish Grotto space, perhaps restaurateurs should extend their search to the bayside stretch of Harbor Drive that winds into Point Loma where there are two pieces of prime property awaiting new food tenants.

DTZ's Mike Clark tells Eater that The Promenade at Point Loma at 4980 N. Harbor Drive along the marina, where Jimmy's Famous American Tavern opened in 2010, is being enhanced to be more visitor-friendly. The street has been re-engineered with fresh landscaping, a new traffic signal was added in front of the development and by the end of the month, 250 new parking spaces will be available in close proximity.

Up for grabs is a 5,390-square-foot site and a neighboring 4,096-square-foot building that will completed in January 2016, with a 13,000-square-foot public plaza between the two. Clark says the developer is potentially looking for one spot to be filled by a higher-end dining experience that could center around seafood, sushi or Mexican cuisine while the other would be great for a breakfast concept to add another morning eating option to the neighborhood.