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ChuckAlek Brewing Up Biergarten For North Park's Art Produce Space

Beer and art combine.

Photo via Facebook

When we shared the news of the exciting Tostadas concept opening next to the Art Produce Gallery on University, we teased that it might have an adjacent brewery component. ChuckAlek Independent Brewers CEO Marta Jankowska has provided Eater with a preview of the project, called ChuckAlek Biergarten, that will be developed in partnership with Art Produce's Lynn Susholtz.

Jankowska co-founded the Ramona-based brewery in 2013 with head brewer Grant Fraley; last fall, the duo won Samuel Adams' "Brewing and Business Experienceship", a mentorship as part of the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream program. Specializing in "Old School Beers for New School Palates", ChuckAlek brews their own versions of classic beer styles, from German lagers to British porters and stouts, and has a growing barrel-aged beer program.

North Park's new ChuckAlek Biergarten will span about 3,000-square-feet, with a small indoor beer-serving space that will hold 6 to 12 taps of beer, plus craft soda, cold brew and possibly tea and kombucha on draft; all of the seating will be located outside, in Art Produce's urban garden. ChuckAlek will serve Tostadas' menu, but plans to also do events with other food purveyors, including a weekly Thursday collaboration featuring vendors from the North Park farmer's market. Jankowska says that the Biergarten's hours have not yet been set, but the brewery doesn't intend it to be a late night operation.

ChuckAlek Biergarten

3139 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104, USA