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French Bistro Chain Opening La Jolla Outpost

Bonjour Le Petit Bistrot.

Photo via Facebook

Catania, which opened in La Plaza La Jolla in March, will soon have culinary company. The La Jolla Light reports that the more tenants have been announced for the Girard Avenue complex, including Le Petit Bistrota restaurant franchise first founded in Florida with locations set to open in Santa Barbara, Las Vegas, Houston and Savannah, Georgia in addition to La Jolla.

Set to open in December, Le Petit Bistrot will occupy a 1,677 square-foot space on La Plaza's third floor that seats 80 and includes a patio. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it will serve a classic bistro menu (French onion soup, duck confit, beef bourguignon) and be run by chef Gérard Chauvet, who hails from the south of France.