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Will Ramen Yamadaya Ever Open Up Shop Downtown?

It's been two years.

A long, long time ago, Eater got word that LA-based Ramen Yamadaya would be opening a second branch in the base of the the Samuel Fox Lofts building at 950 6th Avenue and Broadway, finally giving downtown residents and workers a ramen house to call their own. It was supposed to arrive by Summer 2013.

In the meantime, the building loaded up with other new food tenants, from Pipirin, a quick-service carne asada grill from Guadalajara to BIGA, which will serve fast-casual Neapolitan-style pizza. Both may beat Ramen Yamadaya to the finish line.

In April of this year, a rep for Ramen Yamadaya told Eater that they were just weeks away from launching the 45-seat eatery, which will offer their standard menu but increase the local craft beer options. But here we are in late July and the 1,784-square-foot space doesn't look much closer to opening; due to permitting issues, Eater's hearing that it could be another three to four months before we're slurping noodles in the spot.

Luckily, there's other ramen in our future. Nishiki Ramen will open its flagship store in Kearny Mesa this summer, RakiRaki Ramen & Tsukemen's expansion in Little Italy is moving forward and JINYA Ramen Bar just announced that its Pacific Beach outpost will debut in September, with another to follow in Hillcrest.

Samuel Fox Lofts

950 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101