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Fast-Casual Old School Mexican Eatery Debuts Downtown

Fresh Mexican favorites, made daily.

Photo via Instagram

Eater readers have been telling us about the new, modern Cocina 35, which recently opened downtown at 1435 6th Avenue in the Cortez Hill neighborhood.

The new 48-seat restaurant with patio is from the owners of the fast-casual La Loteria in Otay Mesa; Cocina 35, which calls itself "old school Mexican", features the same menu of made-from-scratch Mexican specialties served cafeteria-style. The selections change daily and range from chiles rellenos and cochinita pibil to chipotle chicken and carnitas cooked in olive oil instead of lard. There are also house ceviches and a brunch menu that includes breakfast tortas and chilaquiles verdes.

Cocina 35 is applying for a beer and wine license, but for now there are housemade aguas frescas in flavors ranging from mango with chile to horchata with coconut, guava with lemon and pineapple. The eatery says it hopes to open more locations in San Diego.

Cocina 35 Old School Mexican

, San Diego, CA (619) 431-5611