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Bracero Now Targeting Early July For Debut in Little Italy

We're pretty sure it'll be worth the wait.

For Eater readers who've been asking us daily for updates on Bracero Cocina de Raiz, here is the latest on the long-awaited, much-anticipated Little Italy showcase for chef Javier Plascencia, including a construction shot kindly sent in by a tipster. As the last targeted due date of June 22 has obviously come and gone, we're hearing that the opening is now scheduled for July 7; the Kettner Street restaurant is still in the finishing stages and awaiting final inspections, but was recently approved for a sidewalk patio addition.

bracero 1

While Plascencia waits for his grand stage to be readied, the chef's profile has been on the rise through new T.V. opportunities, including a rumored role on Top Chef's San Diego-centric episode, and appearances at local food events; at a recent tequila dinner at The Patio on Goldfinch that featured Baja chefs, he was a surprise guest, serving a taco filled with the buttery-tasting Mexican delicacy escamoles, or ant larvae, that he says will be a signature on Bracero's menu. Plascencia also Tweeted the arrival of the kitchen's custom made Caja China.

While we all await the biggest opening of the season, get up to speed on the project through our extensive coverage, including menu teasers, management profiles and a recent interview with Plascencia that has details on Bracero plus the promise of more concepts for San Diego.

King and Queen Cantina

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