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Golden Hill is Getting a Butcher Shop to Call Its Own

Meet Sepulveda Meats and Provisions.

Photo via Facebook

Might San Diego eventually have a place to meet your meat in every neighborhood? North Park scored The Heart & Trotter Butchery earlier this year, and thanks to a tipster, we have word on a new butcher shop that will service the community of Golden Hill.

Landing at 1220 28th Street is Sepulveda Meats and Provisions, a new 1,500-square-foot butcher shop that should be open by the end of August. Owner John Sepulveda, who lives nearby in Sherman Heights, is originally from the Imperial Valley, where his nephew, Nick Swing, works in the butchery business.

Swing will be the head butcher and manager at the Golden Hill shop, which plans to primarily stock cuts from the Valley's Brandt Beef; Sepulveda says he's also looking into a grass-fed beef option, as well as sources for pork, lamb and chicken. In addition to fresh meat, the store will carry pre-marinated meat and eventually, their own sausages and some prepared food. Dry goods, from spices to pasta, will be available, and a local bread option is being vetted.