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Bar Rescue Turns El Cajon Trainwreck Myerz Pourhouse Into The Study

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Will a library-themed bar with a whiskey and beef jerky cocktail save this bar?

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Yelp/Justin L.

El Cajon stripmall haunt Myerz Pourhouse has just been revamped by Spike's Bar Rescue, according to an Eater tipster. As of last week, The bar is now known as the bookwormish watering hole The Study. Judging by this new menu, the bartenders have obviously been schooled in the way of Ketel One product placement and kitschy yet questionable craft drinks including a concoction of Crown Royal, simple syrup and chocolate bitters garnished with beef jerky. Yes, beef jerky.

The episode is slated to run in August, so prepare your mute button for John Taffer's incessant yelling. Early Yelp comments already suggest that the bar is heading in a better direction. Judging by this interior shot, the place can probably succeed as a used book store instead of ever returning to the poorhouse. Let's hope a few of those are actually cocktail books, and not just endless tomes of Victorian poetry and Michener's Texas.

The Study

1678 Greenfield Drive, El Cajon, CA 92021, USA