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Dreamy New Delivery Service Peach Brings The Taco Stand & More To Your Office

The hot Seattle-based meal delivery service, Peach, hits town May 18.


Seattle based restaurant delivery service Peach has just landed in San Diego as of today, May 18.

Peach is a text message-based lunch delivery service linking offices to a growing list of restaurants in San Diego, including The Taco Stand, New York on Rye, Hanna Garden, Lit'l Pepper, Deli Llama and Rigoberto's.  Founded by former Amazon engineers Nishant Singh, Denis Bellavance and Chenyu Wang, the start-up aims to simplify the meal delivery process for busy professionals. As for why they've selected San Diego as the first city outside of Seattle: "Because of the vibrant tech community and the distance between many large offices and amazing lunch options," according to a press release.

Here's how it works: Employees at offices registered with Peach receive a daily lunch offer— with three dishes including a regular, low carb, and vegetarian option available— from a San Diego restaurant via text message every morning at 10 a.m.. They place the order by simply texting "yes" before 11 a.m. The meals are then delivered to a specified location in the office— such as the front desk— between 12 and 12:30 p.m. Peach notifies you of the delivery with another text. You can then assign a 1 to 5 rating to your meal and give feedback that is relayed to the restaurant, all through text.  Side note: At least 50 people from an office have to sign up before Peach turns the service on, but everyone pays individually.

The meals change daily, with a variety of cuisines offered. It's all meant to simplify the decision-making process, recognizing that busy professionals make scores of decisions daily. This one is simply a yes or no.

Peach is now available primarily in Sorrento Valley,  with UTC, La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and Kearney Mesa, and Downtown service coming soon.