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A Next Generation of Italians Takes Over Zia's Bistro

A fresh, contemporary spin on Italian favorites is promised.

A new family of Italians is taking over Zia's Bistro at 1845 India Street; the Busalacchi family shuttered the restaurant in late March and brothers Dario and Pietro Gallo will launch their concept, called Civico 1845, in the space this spring.

The brothers hail from Cosenza, a city in the Calabria region of Southern Italy; with Civico 1845, they plan to create a modern and updated restaurant that remains authentic and faithful to traditional Italian cuisine.

Head chef Alfonso Pisacane, whose family has run a restaurant in Positano, Italy for multiple generations, will be overseeing a seasonal menu that ranges from wild game to seafood and scratch-making pastas, breads and desserts. Pietro, a vegan, will manage the kitchen, so expect to see a good number of vegan dishes based on locally-grown produce as well as gluten-free options.

The 1,500-square foot eatery is currently being remodeled; designer Agostino Sannino is brightening up the space and constructing an art installation of vintage Italian cooking tools, inspired by midcentury artist Lucio Fontana, that will cover the back wall of the restaurant. General manager Dario says that they want the restaurant to look and feel like their home in Italy.

A face familiar to the neighborhood will pop up here; Flavio Piromallo, known for his steady presence at Buon Appetito and Sogno Di Vino, is Civico 1845's new front of house manager.