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Sushi Delivered Via Conveyor Belt Coming to Convoy

Get ready for the sushi-go-round.

Eater readers asked us to do a status update on Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, whose San Diego expansion was first announced last fallThe restaurant's parent company operates 300 restaurants in Japan; in the U.S., there are seven locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, with another opening in Cupertino this summer.

Kula's Hideto Sugimoto told Eater that they considered the Gaslamp before settling on Kearny Mesa, due to the neighborhood's appeal to a younger crowd and families. At 2,600-square-feet, the Convoy outpost will be Kula's largest restaurant thus far. The menu will be similar to other locations, with some new items specific to San Diego. The conveyor belt should be in motion by the end of March.