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Is Top Chef Season 13 Returning to West Coast?

The rumor mill says San Diego might be one of the featured California settings.

Top Chef/Official
Top Chef/Official

Our tipline is on fire today with rumors about a possible California focus to season 13 of Top Chef.

There has been some speculation that the upcoming season would be set in Nashville, as the show is currently casting in the Tennessee state capital as well as New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.

But we're hearing whispers that the cooking competition, which is scheduled to return to the airwaves in Fall 2015, may be featuring the West Coast this time around; a Top Chef alum in our Eaterverse says that an all-over California theme could be a possibility, though Atlanta has also been a potential location in recent years.

Eater San Diego has reached out to local city officials and the Bravo network for confirmation; we'll update as more news filters in.

UPDATE: Candice Eley, Director of Public Relations at the San Diego Tourism Authority confirmed to Eater that negotiations with Top Chef are in the works, with final word expected in a few days.