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Hop On the Sushi-Go-Round at Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

San Diego has a new interactive sushi experience.

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar is now soft open on Convoy, where the 2,600-square-foot eatery shares a parking lot with the newly-expanded Dumpling Inn.

The sushi concept has multiple restaurants in the Los Angeles area and over 300 locations in Japan; the new San Diego outpost is the largest in the U.S. and the first to feature the multi-tiered, high-tech food delivery system of the Japanese stores.

Inside, booths flank a constantly moving conveyor belt, where a long line of plastic-domed pods, dubbed "Mr. Fresh", protect plates of sushi from sneezes. Diners pluck plates from the pods as they roll past each table and deposit empty dishes down a tabletop chute, which tallies the number of plates consumed; most standard nigiri and rolls are $2.25 per plate. When you reach 15 plates, a machine dispenses a plastic ball containing a toy as your prize for gluttony.

kula 2

If you don't see what you're craving, you can order anything on the menu, from sushi to ramen and hot appetizers, off a touch screen pad. The dish is ready in minutes and zooms from the kitchen to your table via a second conveyor belt above the main line, its arrival announced over a speaker like a train coming into a station. It's not quite the intimate itamae-crafted traditional sushi experience, but it is great fun.

Kula serves lunch and dinner and offers Japanese beer and cold and hot sake.

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

4609 Convoy St, San Diego, CA 92111 (858) 715-4605