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Casual Seafood Grill Replacing Italian Restaurant in Hillcrest

Seafood sandwiches, salads and plates to land on 5th Avenue.

A member of the Eater Street Team sent us a photo of the new sign going up at Osteria Origano, where the Hillcrest eatery is undergoing a switcheroo from Italian to casual seafood.

A light remodel has been in the works since mid-March and the newly dubbed Fresh Catch Fish Market & Grill (3650 5th Ave #103) may reopen in the next few days, with a grand opening planned when construction is fully complete.

Eater got a peek at the new menu, which follows the sandwich, salad and plate format that can each be customized with your choice of seafood, from snapper with lemon butter to soy-glazed swordfish and grilled octopus. They also will offer soups, ceviche, burritos, tacos and house specialities, including sauteed clams in a garlic herb butter broth and crab mac and cheese.