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Grill Concept From Guadalajara Promises Legit Carne Asada

Fast-casual, Mexican-style grilled meats.

Courtesy rendering
Courtesy rendering

A Guadalajara-based group of well-known carnes asadas, called Pipiolo, is headed stateside. Gerardo Orozco Alonzo and his brother got the blessing of the eateries' original owner to transplant the grilled meat concept to the U.S. and chose San Diego as their launching point.

Newly dubbed Pipirins, the 1,860-square-foot eatery will drop into the Broadway side of The Samuel Fox Lofts, where it will join the Italian-inspired BIGA and Ramen Yamadaya.

Orozoco Alonzo says he chose the location because of its access to downtown-area workers, residents and visitors to the Gaslamp. CBRE's Jim Rinehart, who signed the restaurant's lease says, "This concept will give San Diego’s food scene a taste of Mexican tradition that is affordable, authentic, and independent."

Based around an open kitchen, where a grill fueled with lava rocks will char-broil the meat in less than five minutes and give it a campfire flavor, Pipirins' menu will feature a few cuts of beef, plus chicken and sausages, served alongside beans, salsas and fresh tortillas.

There will also be dishes of queso fundido, or melted cheese, to be made into quesadillas or eaten alongside the meat, plus desserts that range from flan to ice cream and Mexican beer, sodas and horchata

Due by late summer, Pipirins will serve lunch and dinner. If the concept takes off here, the brothers plan to open more locations in San Diego, from East County to La Jolla.

Samuel Fox Lofts

950 6th Ave, San Diego, CA 92101