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Third Wave Coffee Bar to Touch Down on Adams

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More craft coffee is in store for San Diego.

Our readers asked us to find out what, and who, was behind the new brown paper-fronted Hawthorn Coffee at 3019 Adams Avenue.

Kevin Redmond and his son, Dylan, are working on a new craft coffeehouse that will join the growing food and drink hub around the intersection of 30th Street and Adams Avenue that includes Jayne's Gastropub, Polite Provisions, Soda & Swine, Cantina Mayahuel and the upcoming Beerfish.

Redmond, who hails from the Bay Area, says that one of his coffee mentors is a founder of San Francisco's Blue Bottle and that Hawthorn will be dedicated to the "art of espresso", employing highly trained and skilled baristas to staff the third wave coffee bar, which will feature espresso drinks, pour overs and cold brew.

Hawthorn Coffee also plans on joining the ranks of our Essential Coffee Roasters of San Diego lineupRedmond told Eater that they intend to launch a roastery down the line.

In the meantime, they'll be sourcing from other San Diego roasters, including WestBean Coffee Roasters.

Due in June, Hawthorn Coffee will likely have seating for 20, a small sidewalk patio, and also serve locally-procured baked goods.