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San Diego's White Labs to Open Tasting Room in Colorado

A new production facility and tasting room is also headed to Ashville.

Photo via Facebook

The pioneering San Diego-based White Labs, which manufactures liquid yeast for the craft beer community, from home brewers to professional brewers, and provides supplies and services to the wider fermentation business, will open a beer tasting room in Colorado.

In 2012, the company opened a 32-tap tasting room at their Mira Mesa facility, where brewers and beer appreciators can taste beers produced with their different yeast strains.

Earlier this year, White Labs announced plans to expand to the East Coast, where they will launch new factory in Asheville, North Carolina and produce beer for a tasting room.

According to The Denver Post, the yeast-makers will also put a new tap room component into their existing office in Boulder, with plans to have eight beers on tap. Both the East Coast and Colorado expansions are expected to open this year.