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Panchita's Kitchen & Bakery Opens in North Park on Monday

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be available via sit-down or drive-thru service.

Since we first broke the news more than a year ago about Panchita's Bakery's foray into a full-fledged restaurant, construction has crept along at a snail's pace and details have been scarce. Eater readers sent in occasional tips and speculated that part of the holdup was due to the permitting of a drive-thru component.

Owner Kizzy Walsh, who grew up in North Park and whose her mother is the namesake of the Panchita's Bakery locations in Golden Hill, Barrio Logan and City Heights, is opening the restaurant with her husband Jason. Walsh contacted Eater to let us know that they are finally launching this Monday, March 23 and will plan to operate from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

Panchita's Kitchen & Bakery (3803 32nd Street), which does have a drive-thru window, will carry fresh-baked items from the panaderia offer a morning menu of breakfast burritos and sandwiches, fruit salads and special Panchita's pancakes plus coffee drinks, Mexican hot chocolate and aqua frescas.

There will be Tijuana-style hot dogs, a Mexican burger topped with roasted poblanos and Oxacan cheese, fresh ceviche with local fish, quesadillas, empanadas and daily soups.

A wood-fired grill will cook carne asada, Peruvian chicken, fish and nopales, which will be available in burritos, tortas or on a salad. There will also be tacos, from al pastor and Ensenada-style fish to barrier and a fried potato variety. A beer and wine license is in the works.