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The Prado at Balboa Park Launches Airport Outlet

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Eating before flying is not so bad anymore.

Flickr/San Diego International Airport

Joining the vastly-improved food options at the San Diego International Airport (SAN) is The Prado at The Airport, a satellite of the Cohn Restaurant Group's popular The Prado at Balboa Park.

It grand opened today in SAN's Terminal 2 East (post-security) and is the last of the new food options, including outposts Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant, Saffron and Phil's BBQ, to be installed at the airport; see Eater's guide, Where to Eat at the San Diego Int'l Airport (SAN) for a full listing.

The Prado's full-service 1,900-square-foot eatery has a menu based on executive chef Jonathan Hale's modern American dishes that he created for the original restaurant, which has been operating in Balboa Park for 15 years.