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Crazee Burger To Move But Will Stay in North Park

The eatery heads south on 30th Street.

Photo via Google Maps

Last summer, we reported that Crazee Burger would be leaving their current address  to make room for a new development from Foundation for Form, which the North Park Scene says will be called The Earnest and include 39 apartments and two commercials spaces.

At the time, the popular burger restaurant did not have a new location but pledged to stay in the neighborhood. They'll be making good on that promise later this year; Eater has learned that Crazee Burger, which has been in North Park since 2006, will be moving south to a corner spot at 3995 30th Street at Lincoln, catty-corner to the new StreetCar Merchants.

The eatery says that they are currently gutting the new space and will not be making the move for a few months; they're aiming for a May/June reopening.

Tioli's Crazee Burger

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