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Salt & Cleaver Chef on TV and a New Monthly Wine Club

Plus, Baja Week is coming to Dobson's.

Salt & Cleaver
Salt & Cleaver
Photo: Chris Rov Costa

HILLCREST— If you're skipping the Oscars this Sunday night, tune into the Food Network at 10 p.m. to catch Salt & Cleaver executive chef Carlos Anthony competing on an episode of the Alton Brown-hosted "Cutthroat Kitchen" entitled "Gno-cchi to Victory. [EaterWire]

SOUTH PARK— The Rose Wine Bar is launching a new wine club that, according to their blog, focuses on "wines made from organically grown grapes, wines made with native grapes, wines made with minimal additives, and wines that take advantage of ambient ("native") yeasts". Members can choose between two West Coast or two international bottles per month at $38 per set or $75 for all four bottles and will receive discounted tickets to the restaurant's monthly Monday tastings and other member specials. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN— Dobson's Bar & Restaurant is hosting a Baja Food & Wine Week running March 9-14, when they'll be offering a $60, four-course "Baja-French inspired" dinner that includes three tastings of wine from the Valle de Guadalupe. Executive chef Martin San Roman's plate options include baked Baja clams with chorizo, smoked marlin, and gratin with Ramonetti cheese and grilled Tecate quails with fig sauce and red wine risotto. [EaterWire]

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