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Dumpling Inn's New Dining Room to Debut Soon

Fresh digs for an old favorite.

Readers have been asking for an ETA on the Dumpling Inn switcheroo that we filed a report on last fall.

The restaurant isn't going far, it's just pulling up stakes and moving into an adjacent 9,000-square-foot space that it will share with a new concept, a craft beer and whiskey lounge with an Asian fusion menu called Shanghai Saloon.

Dumpling Inn's next iteration will have the same menu, with more tables to appease the crowds that line up at their original location and a new decor meant to invoke a traditional Chinese village.

We're hearing that their move will happen this month, with soft launch for Shanghai Saloon scheduled to follow in a few weeks.

Dumpling Inn's Convoy Street plaza is experiencing a food and drink renaissance; dessert shop Iceskimo opened last October and Kula Revolving Sushi Bar is headed for the same center.

Dumpling Inn

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