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Freshly's All Natural, Ready-Made Meal Delivery Service

Imagine a meal delivery service that offers paleo-inspired, chef-prepared, gourmet meals crafted from a curated selection of locally sourced and entirely natural ingredients, delivered directly to your front door. Meals you'd otherwise assume would consume your daily allotment of calories, are sneakily actually good for you, making you feel healthier than ever.

Introducing, a new service that delivers freshly-made breakfast, lunch and dinners, eliminating the hassle of shopping, preparing and cooking. All Freshly meals are perfectly-portioned, high in protein, low in carbohydrates and free of gluten, added sugar, artificial sweeteners and hormones. Freshly offers over 40 different menu options (with new meals added monthly) like chicken parmesean - white juicy chicken breast breaded in almond flour, topped with Freshly's house marinara sauce and covered with fontina cheese; and philly cheesesteak – roast beef piled high with crunchy bell peppers, savory caramelized onions and mushrooms, and sprinkled with fontina cheese. Rest assured, your health and taste buds have never experienced anything quite like this before.

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