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Albie's Beef Inn Says Goodbye But Not Farewell to San Diego

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There might be hope yet.

Bradley Schweit

Since word spread of the impending shutter of Albie's Beef Inn in Hotel Circle after an impressive 53 years in business, the San Diego institution has been mobbed by longtime patrons and newer devotees crowding into the space for one last drink, one last prime rib or one last song request at the piano bar.

Wednesday, December 23 will be the beloved landmark's final evening in its current location. The number of well-wishers who have poured into Albie's over the last few months has been beyond his wildest dreams, says owner Ted Samouris, who told Eater and that he and his wife Sophia have been so motivated and encouraged by the warm outpouring, which included a petition signed by nearly 3,000 people, that they are determined to find a new location. Samouris says that they'll resume the search in February, with hopes of finding a site for Albie's that will also accommodate Adam's Steak 'N Eggs.

On Monday, December 28 at 10:30 a.m., there will be a live public auction at the space. Don't get too excited, Samouris is keeping the famous nude oil paintings as well as the sports memorabilia and vintage lamps, but the furniture, kitchen equipment and some fixtures are up for grabs. As for the fate of the Travelodge? It has new ownership, which plans to remodel and upgrade the motel; the rumor mill says that Albie's and Adam's will be replaced by a pizzeria and a liquor store.

Albie's Beef Inn

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