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Caffeinated Arts Now Being Practiced at Hawthorn Coffee on Adams

And many other craft beverages await.

Hawthorn Coffee, a fresh 'third wave' coffee concept, has arrived at 3019 Adams Avenue; founded by coffee connoisseurs Kevin Redmond and his son, Dylan, the shop's coffee program is being led by Joshua and Hannah Bonner, who operated the local Ladies and Gentleman Coffee Roasters. The couple's roastery is now call Foxy Coffee Co., which Hawthorn is featuring along with Flying Goat Coffee from Sonoma County.

A full line of espresso drinks is offered, plus pour overs and Chemex brews; Hawthorn says it has also taken care to dial in its batch brews for quality and consistency, plus convenience. Organic tea is sourced from Mad Monk Tea Shop in OB and there's an array of craft beverages on tap, from cold brew to bubbly shrubs from North County's Nostrum and a sparkling tisane made with the fruit of the coffee cherry.

Open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Hawthorn Coffee is currently offering a selection of snacks and pastries from local baked goods experts Bread & Cie and Black Magic Bakery.