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CH Projects' Craft & Commerce Adds New Tiki Bar From SF's Smuggler's Cove

Bow down to your new False Idol.

The rumors we've been hearing about a tiki bar that will be tucked into Craft & Commerce's newly remodeled space are true and they're amazing. Eater has word that tiki legend Martin Cate, who owns and operates the rum-tastic Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco, is teaming up with CH Projects (Polite Provisions, Noble Experiment) to launch False Idol, a hidden tiki bar within the Little Italy restaurant.

martin cate

Immensely revered in the tiki world, Cate is among the partners behind tiki temples Lost Lake in Chicago and Portland's Hale Pele; this year he opened the gin-centric Whitechapel in San Francisco and has a cocktail book coming out in 2016. He'll lead the spirits program at False Idol alongside CH beverage director Anthony Schmidt. Setting the Polynesian-inspired scene will be Paul Basile and notable tiki artist Bosko Hrnjak.

False Idol and the new version of Craft & Commerce, helmed by executive chef JoJo Ruiz, are slated to debut in Spring 2016.

Craft & Commerce

675 W Beech St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA