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The Flame Nightclub in Hillcrest Sells; New Bar/Lounge Space Available

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A fresh bar concept has the opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

A gay hotspot for decades until it closed a few years ago, the landmark building at 3780 Park Boulevard that housed The Flame nightclub since the mid-80s has just been sold. Location Matters' Mike Spilky represented both the seller and the buyer of the property, which was purchased for $1,900,000 by James Nicholas from Clownfish Partners.

Nicholas will reportedly renovate the single-story building into a new mixed-use development which will add six apartment units, a central courtyard and have a reconfigured 2,000-square-foot bar/lounge space, with an existing liquor license, that's currently up for grabs.

Location Matters' Paul Ahern is helping to facilitate the leasing of the bar and told Eater, "With all of the successful fresh new cocktail establishments we've seen opening up throughout University Heights, North Park, and Normal Heights areas in recent years, we will be targeting similar uses while also keeping an open mind to other concepts which bring unique and creative approaches. While this development is likely at least 12 months out, our goal is to secure a suitable tenant by early next year in order to include them in as much as possible with the design and planning of the beverage-related portion of the project."