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Baja-Inspired Zarco Closes Chapter in Chula Vista

Partnership differences led to the shutter.

Photo: Wendy Lemlin

Eater readers asked us to look into the circumstances behind the "closed for reorganization" sign posted at Zarco in Chula Vista.

We've learned that the Baja-inspired eatery and wine bar, which opened last fall, has unfortunately shuttered for good.

In a statement, chef Flor Franco and her partner, Fernando Gaxiola of Baja Wine + Food, said "We’re so grateful for the support and love we’ve received since opening Zarco. Unfortunately, due to fundamental differences with our partners about how the restaurant should be managed, we’ve decided to discontinue our involvement with the project. It is important to mention that we do believe in the concept, and in the idea of bringing Baja and its culinary treasures to the US. Chef Flor Franco will continue focusing on her projects in Mexico and San Diego."

Franco shared "Zarco was a passion project for me: the intersection of soulful Baja-style food, wine and bountiful ingredients and products from the region. I am grateful for the purveyors and other people we met while building the concept and I will continue to focus my energy on projects on both sides of the border, including Indulge Contemporary Catering, Baja Wine + Food, and Convivia at Encuentro in the Valle de Guadalupe."

Zarco - Comida de Baja

277 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 934-5700