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StreetCar Merchants' New Secret Fried Chicken is a Killer

Ready to sign your taste buds away?

The variations of fried chicken offered at North Park's new StreetCar Merchants of Fried Chicken, Doughnuts & Coffee have gotten pretty good marks since the eatery debuted on 30th Street last month.

StreetCar launched with Southern and Korean-style fried chicken and added hot chicken, a Nashville signature, in mid-December.

Now, the restaurant is debuting a brand new, off-menu dish that will only be available by request. Their "NashKILL" fried chicken is a tongue-searing, amped-up version of the hot chicken, made even more fiery by the addition of ghost peppers and a special Thai hot sauce.

The secret, scarlet-hued chicken is so spicy that each order automatically comes with a cooling side of chocolate, strawberry, whole or 2% milk, and a waiver that must be signed to acknowledge that you're consuming it at your own risk.


14 Hilliard Street Northeast, , GA 30312 (404) 259-1353 Visit Website