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Brewery Gets Built From the Bottom Up in the East Village

Getting in on the food and drink development happening in the East Village, which includes the just-opened Bottega Americano and the in-progress Old Harbor Distilling Co., Half Door Brewing Company and Stella Public House is a new brewery being built on the edge of the neighborhood.

Peter Hajjar and a partner who owns the 13,000-square-foot lot, contemplated using the space for a car dealership before switching directions and going the craft beer route. They're renovating a dilapidated house on the property into a full-service kitchen and bottling/packaging facility for a not-yet-built glass and steel brewery restaurant that'll have two levels, multiple bars and an outdoor beer garden for community events.

Though specific beers haven't been decided on (a cherry sour is a likely contender), the owners are employing a team of local and out-of-town pro brewers to craft recipes for what'll be brewed on their 30 BBL system, with the intent to offer a large range of styles. The menu is still in the early stages, but will center around appetizers and snack plates.

Scheduled to launch by the first quarter of 2015, the working title of the project is Gaslamp Brewery; Hajjar told Eater that the design will be a mix of modern and retro elements that represent the historic Gaslamp Quarter. The plan is to expand and drop tasting rooms in other parts of the city.
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Gaslamp Brewery

641 17th St San Diego, CA 92101