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Vegan Taco/Beer Pairing; East Coast-Style Clam Bake; South Park Walkabout

A taco debut, a new interactive food special, and a neighborhood tasting tour.

Taco Perla
Taco Perla
Photo via Facebook

NORTH PARK— LOVELIKEBEER, which organizes popular vegan/craft beer pop-ups around town, also collaborates with local eateries to place special vegan dishes on the restaurants' permanent menus. Their latest partnership, with Tacos Perla and chef Oso Campos, resulted in a new Vegan Chilorio Taco that debuts tonight at 5 p.m.; the taco is filled with a dried ancho chile-marinated veggie chicken and topped with a fresh salsa of radish, parsley, capers and cinnamon. Get it with the suggested beer pairing, Mike Hess Brewing's Vienna Cream Ale and $1 per order will be donated to a charitable organization. [EaterWire]

GASLAMP— Starting Wednesday, October 1 at Spike Africa's is a month-long special, an East Coast-style clambake that's $35 per person (two order minimum). The seafood feast includes mussels, shrimp and crab with vegetables and potatoes and is tipped out over the table for maximum eating-with-your-hands enjoyment.

SOUTH PARK— The South Park Walkabout is back on on Saturday, October 4th from 6 to 10 p.m. Restaurants and businesses throughout the neighborhood will have $5 Taste of Harvest specials, including sweet potato sliders from Station Tavern and dessert empanadas a la mode from The Rose. [EaterWire]