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Dark Horse Coffee Roasters Adds 30th Street Outpost

The popular local roaster has yet another coffee bar in the works.

Fast-growing Dark House Coffee Roasters is currently working on building yet another coffee bar that'll join its original Normal Heights location and the newly-announced one under construction in Golden Hill.

The local roaster is opening in North Park, leasing a small space inside Waypoint Public located just to the right of the restaurant's entrance. Waypoint owner John Pani is a fan of the coffee and the eatery already serves Dark Horse in-house.

Dark Horse prepares their coffee via French press, pour over and cold brew, but we're hearing that they may be adding espresso drinks. The North Park and Golden Hill locations are reportedly aiming for completion by October.
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Waypoint Public

3794 30th Street, , CA 92104 (619) 255-8778 Visit Website

Dark House Coffee Roasters

3794 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104